Tretinoin Cream

Tretinoin cream

Tretinoin is most commonly used for acne treatment. It was the first retinoid developed for this type of topical use. If you are bothered by problematic skin, spots, eruption or acnes - tretinoin cream will definitely help!
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The cream is used in cosmetic and medical purposes for patients with problematic face skin - Keratosis pilaris or acnes. In dermatology it is also applied for treatment of hair loss, acute leucosis, prevention of stretches and even reducing skin aging and wrinkles by augmenting concentrations of collagen.
It works by gradually cleaning pores and keeping them open. Many patients found tretinoin too harsh for their skin in the past, but the newer forms are less irritating.
In drugstores it is available as gel or cream of white color which is a mixture of carboxylic acid and vitamin A.

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Tretinoin cream side effects.

Tretinoin cream side effects

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For patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APML) up to 25% of patients who use tretinoin cream could observe retinoic acid syndrome. The syndrome in rare instances could lead to death of the patient if active therapy is not applied timely.
Main side effects of tretinoin cream therapy are considered to be xerodermias and cheilitis. Itch, erythema (erubescence), rais diaphoresis, cellulitis are observed less often. Additionally, the following symptoms can be related to side effects: increased blood pressure, uneasiness, irritability, depression, fatigue, sleepiness, puffiness. Tretinoin also increases sensitivity to sunlight and risk of a sunburn. It is recommended to protect treated skin with a sunscreen.

Tretinoin cream USP

Mild formula

Main difference of "Tretinoin cream USP" from regular cream is its soft activity. Low concentration of active ingredient 0,025-0,05% in the cream and cosmetic oil base makes it very tender to the skin. The USP cream has mild flowery odor, very pleasant in application with higher contents of cosmetic water.

Tretinoin Cream USP

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