Unusual sports cars of the world

If the car can accelerate over 250 km / h, this does not mean that you want to ride on such a car.

ugly car
easy to manage

Some manufacturers are so keen on increasing the power and speed of sports cars that they forget about the important factor – the design of the car. The result is an agressive beast, whose appearance does not bring pleasure. In the late 20th and early 21st century, dozens of models of brand new sports cars, including sports cars, were made in the world.

The world car industry is also a small part of really original and original cars that are rarely met in the general flow. But, if you still manage to see their representative at least once, then for sure this moment will cause at least a smile or surprise, but as a maximum – will be printed in memory for many years.
Today we give you a chance not to wait for this happy moment, peering at cars passing by.

Today we give you the opportunity to meet the brightest representatives of the family of unusual and strange cars, carefully selected around the world. We tried to find the most interesting representatives of sports cars.

Mitsuoka Himiko 2010
Mitsuoka Himiko 2010

Perhaps our opinion does not coincide with yours, but one thing can be said with certainty – all the cars below deserve the right to be present in our rating and someday will necessarily take or have already taken their place of honor in the leading automobile museums in the world.

And we will begin, perhaps, with design, after all on clothes meet and cars.

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